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Learning Worlds is an innovation firm. We help companies find, develop and share new ideas, products and services. By combining innovation processes with research and change-oriented communication, we make it possible to break through barriers to market and make a real impact on customers, industries, and society.
What We Do

“New” implies innovation, and that’s a big part of what we do. We help companies build innovation into their business processes, and we often become part of that process ourselves. We design workshops, we explore markets, we brainstorm with potential customers, we go outside the box and come back with unique ideas and unexpected strategies.

Innovation implies a successful road to market, and that is also important to our clients. We help teams communicate their ideas and strategists socialize their vision. We teach storytelling and visualization, we facilitate inter-divisional team meetings, we shepherd ideas through gates and across bridges. We design messaging prototypes and marketing strategies.

Our clients grow by continuing to create new things. We help them do that.

DIALOGUESee what we're doing and thinking about right now.

Who We Are

We are different. We are writers, directors, filmmakers, visual artists and social activists … and we are change consultants, facilitators, and innovation specialists.

Learning Worlds began in 1990 as a non-profit arts group with a mission to “promote and support innovation in form and process”.  That work continues as the Digital Performance Institute.

In 1998, we applied the lessons we learned to business, founding Learning Worlds as a for-profit innovation and communications company.

This year, we came full circle and started the Learning Worlds Institute in order to leverage our corporate and non-profit experience in helping to bring about social change on issues affecting us all.

Learning Worlds Institute

How We Do It

We use a portfolio of innovation techniques, customized to the client's goals and challenges, but rooted in a unique methodology that continues to grow and evolve with experience.

As creative artists, we look at innovation as an experimental and exploratory process. We've developed tools and disciplines (avant ideation, opportunity spaces, etc.) that radically expand the number of ideas generated while lowering the cost of evaluating each idea.

As social activists, we know that real innovation requires real organizational change. So communication, internal and external marketing, and change management are also critical components of our methodology.

In the end, innovation is a balance of art, science, and social change. And that’s what we do.

Our Clients

Church & Dwight
Commerce Bank
Merrill Lynch

Accept Software
Kepner Tregoe


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